Canyon MTB Racing and In Bike Poised for Performance

Canyon MTB Racing and In Bike Poised for Performance

Canyon MTB Racing Team and InBike announce a new three-year partnership focused on reaching the highest level of the podium.

In a year where mountain biking events are making an imminent and strong comeback, the Canyon MTB Racing Team and InBike have partnered to grow and improve their preparation and performance.

Juan Restrepo CEO of InBike expressed his excitement to see the off-road community learn more about his products and the benefits.

“Being part of the Canyon MTB Racing Team is an honor, and we are very excited about what this represents for us in the MTB category. In addition to the joy of supporting a women's team that runs at the highest level and has runners with extraordinary talent, we would also like to thank the athletes for allowing us to be part of their daily training, using our products to help optimize and enhance their performance.

This opportunity will also help us showcase the functionality of our InBike products to a broader audience and how they can help improve performance as we move deeper into the US and Canadian market as part of our goals for 2022 and beyond. following". - Juan David Restrepo Managing Director - IB Performance Sports (INBIKE - CLINS)

Canyon MTB Racing Team owner and manager Adam Morka also expressed his excitement and hinted at plans for the three-year partnership with the emerging Colombian brand. Adam says: "In 2021, our small and mighty team attended 12+ international events and generated over 100 million impressions worldwide, and in 2022, through our SWOT analysis, we identified some critical areas for improvement. We are grateful for Inbike's support as we increase team goals while expanding our roster and program to become a leader in off-road racing.Their products not only align with everything we aim to achieve, but simply working with Juan and his team have been incredibly enlightening and positive in our short months together."

With hints of an expanding roster and additional rumors within the cycling community of an entirely new program, the Canyon MTB Racing Team, along with its newly founded partnership with InBike, is sure to be an exciting ride to see how it plays out over the next few years. years.

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